Artec Academy is not just a nursery and game school for children. This is a place where kids can feel at home and spend their time with joy while learning and discovering the world around. We strive to make Artec a community where your child can open up the full potential and make friends with other kids.

We offer programs for toddlers, preschool classes and the kindergarden with individual approach to every little student. Preschool years are crucial for further development: this is the time when the foundation of child’s personality and abilities is formed. Realizing that, our teachers provide every kid with maximum care and do their best to educate them at the highest quality. They encourage kids to make their own decisions and express opinions, ideas and feelings freely.

Our classes

The classes are given on Russian language, but we dedicate two hours to English language learning daily. Besides, there are many other classes:

· math;

· mom and baby;

· literature;

· geography;

· dance;

· painting;

· swimming;

· yoga.

Providing our kids with abundance of exercises and classes, we ensure all-round development and balanced growth. Every boy and girl will find the activity appealing to him or her.

What is special about Artec?

Artec welcomes both Russian-speaking and English-speaking kids trying to create convenient conditions for all of them. We use well-established methods and theories for education and personal development. Some of our classes are organized on the open air – it contributes to better information perception.

Teachers organize different special events and celebrations to recreate children and help them to express they personality. Kids will also like our 3-time meals with varied, rich menu. Just like in Russian kindergardens, we have naptime. Our doors are open to you 6 days a week: you can leave your child on Saturday, too.

Artec Academy in Miami is the place where your kid will develop and grow surrounded by friendly and caring teachers. Your child deserves the best, and we are ready to provide everything for joyful pastime and learning.